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Serving property owners in Old Bridge, NJ, American Granite Designs provides marble and granite custom fireplace mantle surrounds fabrication and installation services that involve creating personalized and aesthetically pleasing mantels for fireplaces. Here’s an overview of these services:

  1. Marble Fireplace Mantle Surrounds in Old Bridge, NJ:
    • Material: Marble is a popular choice for fireplace surrounds due to its luxurious appearance. It comes in various colors and patterns, and each piece is unique.
    • Fabrication: The fabrication process involves cutting, shaping, and polishing the marble to create a custom mantle surround. This includes consideration of the specific dimensions and design preferences of the client.
    • Installation: Our skilled professionals install the fabricated marble mantle surround, ensuring a precise fit around the fireplace. Care is taken to align the pieces and secure them in place.
  2. Granite Fireplace Mantle Surrounds in Old Bridge, NJ:
    • Material: Granite, known for its durability and wide range of colors and patterns, is another popular choice for fireplace surrounds.
    • Fabrication: Custom fabrication of granite fireplace mantle surrounds includes similar processes as with marble, involving precise cutting, shaping, and finishing based on client specifications.
    • Installation: Our trained installers carefully place the granite mantle surround around the fireplace, ensuring a secure fit. Proper sealing and finishing are also part of the installation process.

Custom Fireplace Mantle Surrounds Fabrication and Installation Services in Old Bridge, NJ:

  • Design Consultation: We work closely with clients to understand their design preferences, fireplace dimensions, and any specific details they want in the mantle surround.
  • Template Creation: Precise measurements are taken, and templates may be created to guide the fabrication process and ensure a perfect fit.
  • Fabrication: We use cutting and shaping tools to transform the chosen material (marble or granite) into a custom mantle surround. This may involve intricate detailing and finishes.
  • Installation: We handle the delivery and placement of the custom fireplace mantle surround. This includes securing it in place, making any necessary adjustments, and ensuring proper alignment.

American Granite Designs offers custom fireplace mantle surrounds made from marble or granite to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a living space, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. Clients can choose from a variety of styles, edge profiles, and finishes to suit their individual preferences and the overall design of their homes.

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