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American Granite Designs offers fabrication an installation of custom stone countertops in Toms River, NJ an surrounding areas. Marble, granite, and onyx are popular natural stones used for our custom countertop fabrication and installation services. We create customized countertops for residential and commercial spaces in Toms River, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Here’s a brief overview of each:

  1. Marble Countertops in Toms River, NJ:
    • Material: Marble is a metamorphic rock known for its elegance and timeless beauty. It comes in various colors and patterns, and each slab is unique.
    • Fabrication: Custom fabrication involves cutting and shaping the marble slab according to the client’s specifications, including size, shape, and edge profile.
    • Installation: Skilled professionals install the fabricated marble countertops in the designated space, ensuring a precise fit and secure placement.
  2. Granite Countertops in Toms River, NJ:
    • Material: Granite is an igneous rock characterized by its durability, hardness, and variety of colors and patterns. It is a popular choice for countertops due to its resistance to heat and scratches.
    • Fabrication: Similar to marble, granite fabrication includes cutting, polishing, and edging the stone to meet the client’s requirements.
    • Installation: After fabrication, the granite countertops are installed by professionals who ensure proper alignment and sealing for longevity.
  3. Onyx Countertops in Toms River, NJ:
    • Material: Onyx is a translucent, often colorful stone with unique veining and patterns. It is less common than marble or granite but is valued for its striking appearance.
    • Fabrication: Onyx requires delicate handling during fabrication due to its translucent nature. The fabrication process involves cutting and polishing while preserving the stone’s unique characteristics.
    • Installation: Like marble and granite, onyx countertops are installed by professionals who specialize in working with this particular stone, ensuring it is properly supported and backlit if desired.

Custom Countertops Fabrication and Installation Services in Toms River, NJ:

  • Design Consultation: Service providers work with clients to understand their design preferences, needs, and specifications.
  • Template Creation: Measurements and templates are created to ensure precise cutting and fitting of the stone slabs.
  • Fabrication: Skilled artisans use cutting-edge equipment to shape, polish, and finish the stone according to the approved design.
  • Installation: Trained installers handle the delivery and placement of the countertops, ensuring a secure fit and proper sealing.

American Granite Designs is a specialized countertop countertop fabrication company in Toms River and kitchen and bath remodel professionals. Our custom countertops made from these natural stones add beauty and value to residential and commercial spaces. You can contact us today at (732) 780-7600 to schedule a no-cost consultation and estimate! You can click the following link to view our many 5-star reviews.