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Serving Piscataway, NJ, American Granite Designs offers custom stone fabrication to create countertops, bathroom vanities, bar tops, and other surfaces. Here’s a breakdown of our process and what it entails:

1. Material Selection

  • Types of Stone: Includes granite, marble, quartz, soapstone, limestone, and others.
  • Aesthetic Considerations: Color, pattern, and finish (polished, honed, leathered, etc.)
  • Functional Requirements: Durability, heat resistance, stain resistance, and ease of maintenance.

2. Design and Planning

  • Measurements: Accurate measurements of the space where the stone will be installed.
  • Templates: Creating templates to ensure the stone fits perfectly into the intended space.
  • Customization: Includes edge profiles, cutouts for sinks and faucets, and backsplashes.

3. Cutting and Shaping

  • Cutting: Using tools like diamond-blade saws and CNC machines to cut the stone to the desired dimensions.
  • Shaping: Refining edges and surfaces to achieve the desired look and fit.

4. Finishing

  • Polishing: Smoothing the surface to achieve the desired shine or matte finish.
  • Sealing: Applying a sealant to protect the stone from stains and moisture.

5. Installation

  • Preparation: Preparing the site, which may include reinforcing cabinets or ensuring level surfaces.
  • Fitting: Carefully placing the stone pieces and securing them in place.
  • Final Touches: Sealing joints, polishing, and cleaning to ensure a flawless finish.


  • Countertops: Durable and aesthetically pleasing surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Bathroom Vanities: Custom-designed stone surfaces that add luxury and durability to bathroom spaces.
  • Bar Tops: Stylish and functional surfaces for home bars or commercial establishments.

Custom stone fabrication is a meticulous process that combines craftsmanship with technology to create beautiful, durable stone surfaces tailored to individual needs and preferences. You can contact us today at (732) 780-7600 to schedule a no-cost consultation and estimate! You can click the following link to view our many 5-star reviews.

Our Service Areas:

Base in Freehold, NJ American Granite Designs offers our services to residential and commercial properties throughout the state of New Jersey, including the following an surrounding towns of; East Brunswick, South River, North Brunswick, Old Bridge, Sayreville, New Brunswick, Highland Park, Somerset, West Freehold, Freehold, Edison, Princeton, Metuchen, Perth Amboy, Fords