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At American Granite Designs, Inc. we want your bathroom or kitchen countertop purchasing and installation experience to be as convenient and stress-free as possible. We have created a guide below that will assist you through the process of choosing the best stone countertops for your kitchen or bathroom and having them professionally installed.

Countertop Selection: As you begin the process of choosing the Best Stone Countertops in Freehold, NJ, you should will need to decide which stone material and color that will best suit your style and will work best with your area. You can visit our showroom located at 56 Jerseyville Ave. in Freehold, NJ. Our interior designers can assist you in showing all of the options that you have available. We have a large inventory of stones consisting of Marble, Granite, Slate, Limestone, Onyx and more!

Determine Pricing and Budget: Once you have selected your stone countertop, we can then draw out the dimensions so that we can give you an accurate estimate of your stone and installation services. Once we have finalized the pricing estimate, we can then begin the templating and fabrication process.

Countertop Templating:Templating is the process of creating a countertop template, which will allow our fabricators to understand the specific measurements of your new countertop. The template is necessary so that our fabricator will have an accurate idea of the precise shape and measurements that your new countertop requires.

Countertop Fabrication: The templates will be used to fabricate the individual countertop pieces, or cut them from your stone slab of choice. Our Freehold, NJ Stone Countertop Fabrication technicians reduce seams and use full benefit of all color and textural patterns and optimize the color flow across multiple surfaces.

Countertop Installation: Once your granite countertops are completed, the installation process can begin. If you are not knowledgeable in Freehold Countertop installation, American Granite Designs can assist you. Our countertop installation team is fully insured and licensed.

Adding custom stone countertops to your will increase the market value and visual appeal of your home or business. At American Granite Designs, we assist our clients to selecting from a wide range of stone countertop options. We understand that this is a significant investment. Allow our team to work closely with you to ensure you receive the appearance and style that best suits your needs. Contact us today at (732) 780-7600 to schedule a no-cost consultation or visit our showroom located at 56 Jerseyville Ave. in Freehold, NJ