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What is the Best Stone Material for My Kitchen Countertop?

With plethora of options to select from, the process of the right choosing the best stone material for your new kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities in Eatontown, NJ can be a daunting task. The recommended practice when making this decision is to basically select the stone material based on what is most visually appealing for the over overall aesthetic of your room, and has all the functionality that your specific lifestyle requires.  We have listed four of the most popular stone materials that offer a high level of beauty as well as durability for your countertop.

  • Marble Stone Countertops:  Marble is one of the most requested stones used in for fabrication and installation. Marble is typically utilized for flooring, sinks and countertops.. Marble offers visually appealing  colors and very polished aesthetic, marble countertops are a excellent stone material for any kitchen or bathroom remodel.
  • Onyx Stone Countertops: If you are seeking a natural stone bar countertop but want a material that’s rare and inimitable, onyx might be the best option for you. The greatest advantage of an onyx countertop is the unique appearance that makes it stand out from other natural stone alternatives.
  • Quartz Stone Countertops: One of the main benefits of quartz countertops is that they are highly durable. Quartz countertops will never have to be sealed, contrary to granite, marble, and other surfaces that require ongoing maintenance.
  • Granite Stone Countertops: Granite is the most commonly used material for countertops due to its durability and visual appeal. Another benefit to granite countertops is their heat resistance.

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